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October 2010



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Oct. 16th, 2010


Its kinda surreal I'm on vacation!!!!
SO much to do:
I have a wedding tonight and my date is ignoring me so I might have to drag Amber along. I also have to go to the mall and buy a gift today...procrastinate much?
Tomorrow and Monday is all about getting ready to go to California!!!!!!!! SO FLIPPING EXCITED!
Then when I come back I have a date on Sunday with the old man! He is so adorable I can't wait to go out with him.
So yeah this should be a good week!

Oct. 12th, 2010

(no subject)

Why do people want to see me die at a young age???
I had an associate do something so stupid today.  I had to call a bunch of people including my boss who I think only sorta likes me (great now my store is causing her problems) and didn't leave work till an hour past when I should of.  Love working overtime, but never getting paid for it...sometimes salaried is not all its cracked up to be.

I'm sitting at the old mans house right now.  I'm dog sitting for him.  I've been staying over because its so not worth having to get up and be here before work.  I'm way to nice to him.  I wish he wanted to see me more then what he does...okay not going there.

OMG Glee is hilarious tonight:
"whats a duet?"
"A blanket" LOL it took me a minute but that is SOOOO funny!
and whoa whats up with brittany and santana that was random and kinda funny the whole lizard part!

Oct. 10th, 2010

(no subject)

10 days until LA!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to be on vacation, have some fun, get the hell out of Michigan (and everyone who is here) and see Breebers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was a total FAIL.  I had to work which at this point is what it is.  And then I tried to go out but it just turned into me being really tired and emotional.  Got home laid down for a second and was out for like 2 hours.  My phone has 3 messages from him.  I really want to see him so that was disappointing, but I am getting over a cold and yeah.  I'm gonna try to get him to hang out with me tonight.  

However, he did take me out on Friday, to lunch anyway, but it was really nice.  He is just so damn cute I can't stand it!

Last week was crazy, but this week will be great because its my last week before NINE days off!

Sep. 11th, 2010

one month

Not much to report....except I'm going on vacation in one month to LA to see Breebers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How exciting.  I haven't been out there since she has moved there and I kept saying I was going to, but never did it.  I know I just went on vacation, but I really could use another one esp before I sell my soul to retail for the holiday season! I am not the type of person who likes to take a vacation and stay at home.  I like to travel and fly and get out of town.  The only time I take staycations are usually to move.
So yeah I'm excited!

I also might be going out on a real date with the old man which is an imporvement.  That is if you count him asking me to go to the movies because I am watching his dog all next week as a date.  I am going to count it as one.  He could have just tried to pay me or ask me to come over for another kind of payment, but he suggested a movie.  So we will go out in public, he will pay to take me somewhere, more then likely there will be hand holding and there is no question that afterwards there will be some kissing so yes I say date!

work is work and I get frustrated, but no one can say I am not going above and beyond in this job.  Thats what its come down to now.  I am going in to do the best I can possibly do everyday and no one can say otherwise.
so i think the happies win this round.

Sep. 2nd, 2010


  Leaving GR


Central Park
  The Blue Box !!!! The Island
View from the house
Screw's Sulfur Spa

Jacky's Vows
Amber, Aaron and Me
This is basically what it looks like EVERYWHERE
Yeah I pretty much didn't want to leave

in 3 parts

I havent been on line in forever.  My computer is a piece of shit which frustrates the crap out of me so I just choose not to use it!

So this is in 3 parts.

Part the first:
My trip!!! It was totally awesome. I will try and post some pics later.
We went to New York and had a great time.  Went to Central Park which was fun to hang out in and just walk around, went to times square which is just hectic and crazy.  Went to my favorite part of New York which is Union Square.  Its lovely, its busy but not crazy and has my favorite bookstore ever www.strandbooks.com/
Then we flew to Dominica www.natureisland.com/.
It was so beautiful.  I have never seen any place so green.  It was a bit of a cultural shock but not too bad.  Its very american and touristy, but you also realize how spoiled rotten we are! I really have no other way to put it.

some highlights:

we went to a spa made out of rock and the rain forest! It had sulpher in it, but it wasn't so stinky! it was so much fun and relaxing and we got to meet the owner who only played Bob Marley through the whole place!

We went shopping in the capital which was like a farmers market.
Jacky took his vows and I've never expirenced a mass quite like it.  The music was amazing.
We went pretty close to some places they filmed POTC!!!! And to a Fort.
We went swimming in the sea.

I really can't describe it right.  Again I'll post some pictures later.  They tell a way better story then I can.

Part the Second:
HANSON!!!! Kendra and I went to see Hanson and it was hands down one of the best shows I've ever seen in my life.  They have so much energy and they simply make good music.
There was alot of people there and everyone went nuts when they sang the "old" songs. 
My favorites:
Minute without you
If Only
Oh Darling (by the Beatles with Zac on lead)
Thinking Bout Something
I could probably go on and on with more.
Kendra and I got there and got screwed by the intersection.  We were pretty close in line and then they made us flip directions outside and we were way way way back in line, but by some miracle when we got in there were two spots by the end of the barrier/fence thing by the stage.  The part of the stage was facing a piano where perfect enough Taylor stood at and played for most of the show which means for about 90% of the show he was singing towards us!
At the end he jumped off the stage and both Kendra and I got to grab hold of him shake his hand! It was amazing!

Part the third:
Of course I have to comment on othe old man.  Its going...slowly.  We talk every day he tells me how much he likes me, wants me, needs me, but in the same damn breath he tells me he can't be my boyfriend.  Okay first its damn confusing.  Second...boyfriend is a cringe word...I don't really want a "boyfriend" however what I do want is for him to want to date me and only me I guess if boyfriend is the word for that then fine.   My time limit is not up yet so when we are there then we will see.
What I can stay is that he still makes me very happy, he makes my day when I get to talk to him.  I still feel silly and goofy thinking about him...basically I'm still very much in like with him.


Aug. 19th, 2010

(no subject)

Every time I sit down to write on here I just get unmotivated.  Eventually I'll write about my trip and the concert on Monday....but not tonight.

Aug. 13th, 2010

(no subject)

I'm so tired and so close to home, but we are staing in Chicago tonight.
I miss my bed and my pillows.
It was a awesome expirence and I will post in detail later, but I am soooo tired.
funny enough I felt fine the whole trip, but we got home today and ate all sorts of fast food (yup back in the US! The whole time we were there we had fresh fruit and fish and avacados right from a tree in the yard) and now I don't feel well!!!

Aug. 8th, 2010


concrete jungle where dreams are made of theres nothing you can't do

In New York right now. We are leaving really early tomorrow for the carribean via JFK and then San Juan.
Should be an interesting week.  I've never been to this part of the world and I'm very excited.
New York was fun as always, but this city kicks my ass every time!  Its all the hurry up to get to the subway to wait for the trains to get there and its hot and crowded and smelly and then its not even the right train you have been waiting for...I do love it here, but I like having a car and being able to drive places.
We went to Central Park and Times Square on Saturday...I love the park it was fun to walk around and people watch.  We went to a castle that was in the movie Enchanted.
Time Square was normal...crowded and touristy. 
Today we went to Union Square.  I love it there.  There is a bookstore called Strands its "18  miles of new used and rare books".  I got the 2007 edition of the Great American Novels (Stephen King was the editor that year) for like $5 also a book of sci-fi short stories for $1 (Neil Gaimen has the first book in it.  it looks fun and quirky) also I newer book for a little bit cheaper then you would be able to at like a B&N.  
Side note: I got a  Sony Reader for my birthday.  Equivilant to a Nook or a Kindle, but cheaper.  I thought it would be cool for the plane rides.  I don't know I tried it out yesterday and it felt kinda wrong...I guess we will see if I get used to it.
Then we went to have lunch and to China Town which was interesting. We went to a park and heard some chinese folk singers! I also saw  a blue police box...I'm not lying! Then back to Time Square.
So I'm out for a week!  Will update when I get back!

Aug. 1st, 2010

more music and then life

Day 24- A cover song
I don't think I have put a Ernie Halter song on here yet and if there is one thing that man can do its a cover song...plus this one is dedicated to me (and bree :)

Day 25- An acoustic song you love
I love lots of acoustic songs this is as good as any..probably better!

Day 26- A song by your favorite band

I don't know if they count as a band, but I love them and am unashamed to say so! God I used to be in love with this song

So my little brother took his first set of vows today at mass.  He is that much closer to doing what he has wanted to do since he was like seven.  It was very exciting and emotional.  I know he is not a priest yet he has at least 3 to 5 years until it does happen, but 3 to 5 years is so close.  I am very proud of him.

Friday was interesting.  I got a little drunk and by a little I mean a WHOLE lot drunk. I got to see him. so "its" been a while.  Not to say "it" wasn't good, but I was an emotional wreck afterward!! There were some comments made that have me taking a step back.  Which is hard...very very very hard.  I want this to work, I want something out of this.  There was a lot of drinking so I'm going to revisit some of this sober and see where it leads.  I just hope its somewhere good.  

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